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Nada enriquece tanto los sentimientos, la sencibilidad, los deceos humanos, como la buena lectura. Estoy completamente convencida de que una persona que lee, y que lee muy bien, drisfruta muchisimo mejor la vida y la vive al maximo, aunque tambien es una persona que tiene muchos problemas ante el mundo.
ODIO ESTA SOCIEDAD Mi nombre es Javiera si se nombre comun pero me gusta me emociona la vida por que es el recien comienzo tengo 16 años
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Mi padre dijo una vez que la bulimia era: “Disfrutar el sabor de la comida y luego vomitar para no engordar”


Nunca le dije nada, nunca le he dicho nada… pero la verdad, se ve que no entiende que cuando uno come no disfruta la puta comida, comemos por comer y vomitamos por la culpa. No se disfruta madres… 

Las personas fueron creadas para ser amadas, las cosas fueron creadas para ser usadas. La razón por la que el mundo está en caos, es porque las cosas están siendo amadas y las personas están siendo usadas.



“I have been told
time and time again
that people never change.
But I refuse to believe that the wires in my neurons
are still connected the way they once were
I have changed.
The rising storm over the oceans in my head have parted
and the waters are so crystal clear I can taste every drop
I am no longer the girl who drowns in oceans made of whiskey
and spineless men, unwilling to open her rib cage for fear of falling in.
Sleeves pulled down in the middle of the sweltering Texas air,
letting their questions slide by without a single blink.
Never again.
I am no longer the drug addict
who was more of a pin cushion than she was a human being.
I am not her.
“89 pounds is the perfect weight, you have no fucking right!”
The girl who jab forks in her thighs as a reminder of
all the space she was taking up.
Too weak to press her pen to paper.
Too malnourished to even perceive screaming for help.
I will no longer be the girl who was always in need of a fix
or to be fixed.
She does not exist.
I’ve found my pieces and sewn myself back up.”

You are not who you were 5 years, 5 months, 5 weeks, 5 days, 5 hours, 5 minutes, nor 5 seconds ago. You are new again after reading this poem, and the moments after. || adb (via openribcages)